A slideshow is worth a million words

Flickrit is a free slideshow maker that creates online photo slideshows for Flickr and Instagram.

Latest news: Added support for multiple slideshows & embed without scripts. May 7th, 2016 read more...

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Why Flickrit?

Flickrit is the proven & best free tool to create a Flickr / Instagram Carousel, Gallery or Slideshow, which can be embed on your website within minutes.

  • Limited to 50 Images Per Slideshow

  • Limited to 5000 Views/Day Bandwidth

  • Limited to 5 Slideshows

  • 5 Different Themes & Layouts

  • Basic Analytics

  • Up to 1000 Images Per Slideshow

  • Unlimited Views & Bandwidth

  • Unlimited Slideshows

  • Over 15 Different Themes & Layouts

  • Full Analytics and Reports (see who's viewing, by location and more!)


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